Connect InsureMO to your existing core system and digitize rapidly. Or just use InsureMO to build modern digital core insurance systems

Existing Core Systems

Insurer already has a core insurance system, with existing products. Use InsureMO to externalize those products and connect it back into your existing core system

Easy Core Integration

Insurer already has core insurance system, use InsureMO to define new products to externalize and feed data back into your existing core system

Digitize Gradually

Insurer already has a core insurance system, needs to be gradually replaced by a modern, digital new core insurance system, developed using InsureMO capabilities

Start Fast with InsureMO

New insurance startup that has no core insurance system use InsureMO to build a modern digital core insurance system, which is specifically tailored to the insurer's operating model

Integrate Channels

Connect hundreds of external distribution channels with varying technology needs into a single product distribution infrastructure on InsureMO

Useful for all users

All your insurer's product managers, developers, analysts can use a single platform to author and maintain any insurance solutions across many product lines. Hence achieving a much faster time to market