Connecting the global insurance ecosystem
Welcome to InsureMO,
the Insurance Middle Office
An Insurance middleware platform for insurers, traditional channels, affinity partners, FinTech & InsurTech and start-ups; enabling use cases for any product and channel

Why InsureMO?

InsureMO is the chip powering the insurance industry ecosystem allowing insurers to create products faster, solution providers to include their innovations and distributors to create insurance apps to on-sell products to customers.

executive decision makers
For executive decision makers

InsureMO is the proven middle office platform enabling the rapid launch of insurance products across digital distribution points. For a CEO, CMO, CIO or CTO looking to explore growth and reach through digital connectivity, InsureMO delivers.

Two speed architecture – Middle Office
Rapidly connect your legacy or monolithic core systems to external channels via API; keep your legacy system and hollow out its product functionality with the power of a middle office.
Leapfrog your digital transformation by adopting a 100x faster MO and seamlessly connecting to your existing legacy system without going through a demanding monolithic core replacement.
Microservices and API enabled Digital Core
Use InsureMO as standalone, core platform to build and power your insurance business.
Scalability and flexibility
Enterprise-proven, InsureMO has the 3 V’s (Velocity, Variation and Volume) to support digitally connected insurance solutions in an exploding insurance online market.
Simple pricing
Start small. Use only what you need. Add more as you grow and evolve.
A global solution
A digital ecosystem middleware or connectivity platform for global and regional teams.
Get on board

With an OpEx business model that allows immediate adoption without enterprise planning or wholesale program management, talk to us today about how InsureMO can enable your rapid digital transformation.

product creators
For insurance product creators

InsureMO is the insurance product design platform for both business and technical roles, providing ready-to-use rich content, design tools, insurance specific API’s and technical tools. It’s a whole new way to think about insurance software.

Product Managers & Business Analysts
Access to ready-to-run reference insurance products and reference insurance apps means you don’t need to start from scratch. Select from thousands of raw assets to create your own unique insurance products.
Powerful design tools allow you to customize and maintain insurance products with digital API generation as a basis for capability.
Join a connected, growing community of developers and insurance experts building insurance solutions the smart way.
InsureMO is built to make your life easier; from rapid integration to ready-to-go, rich API deployment and running your own web apps with ease.
Security - meets latest industry and cloud standards.
Run your own code in InsureMo via Docker & Kubernetes certified hosting.
Choose your preferred hosting across AWS, Alicloud, Azure or IBM Cloud.
You can be up and running today

Explore InsureMO’s business and technical tools and accelerate your team’s digital business transformation.

The InsureMO Platform

InsureMO is a complete Platform As A Service (PAAS).
Access the best tools in the industry and build the best possible insurance experience for your customers.

Insurance product library

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find the most popular products in your region, customize and go to market without having to define your product from scratch.

Design tools

Customize and maintain your products using our state-of-the-art insurance product design tools.

Insurance services

Access hundreds of services to support any insurance policy lifecycle. From life, general, health specific functionality to sophisticated policy servicing APIs.

Develop your own insurance processes

Use our service orchestration tools to build and run your insurance applications just the the way you want.


Access a library of open source applications on our cloud-native and microservices-based platform to get out of the box applications that you can customize.

Rapid distribution

Provide rich and easy-to-understand API documentation for any external partner or system integration.

Insurance Marketplace

Access hundreds of services and applications from our partners to take your insurance experience to the next level for your customers and partners.

Monitor. Manage. Grow

Use the InsureMO Portal to manage all of your assets and focus on growing your business.

Who's putting InsureMO to work?

From nimble start-ups to $6bn insurers and over 300 global implementations, InsureMO is a proven enterprise-level solution.


Auto Dealers
Healthcare Companies
Call Centres

Typical Applications

CRM apps
Customer sell / embedded insurance
Broker apps
AI based claims settlement

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Join a growing list of successful companies who've adopted InsureMO and launched new insurance products in under one month.

Explore InsureMO's business and technical tools and accelerate your team's digital business transformation.

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