Why InsureMO

InsureMO is THE platform as a service (PaaS) for the global insurance industry and emerging FinTech / InsurTech startups.

Digital Product Library

Insurance Product Design & Maintenance

For Insurance Analysts

Self design insurance solutions using our InsureMO toolset for general, life, group, and health

  • Available Library of products accelerates the product design process
  • Templates available for Life, General, and Health Insurance
  • Copy any product from library and customize to suit your needs
  • Intuitive studio adds to the productivity of BA & designers
  • Product design modules include Product Patterns, Party Management, Factors, Tables, Rating, Rules, Discounts, Endorsement Clauses, Limits, Fees, and Transactions
  • Configure using switches, parameters, and blockly expressions
  • All designed products automatically create API’s
  • Test your automatically created API’s via test tools
  • Manage versions and publishing process
Microservice Creation & Versioning

Microservice Creation & Versioning

For Developers

Insurance services available out of the box, plus CI / CD support, compatible with industry standard development tools

  • Import and register ANY existing API’s quickly
  • Select from any existing API’s published by others
  • Author your own business functions through powerful services tools
  • Realise significant productivity boost through seamless integration of testing, monitoring and deployment tools
  • Achieving complex orchestration is easy with service authoring and business process modelling
  • Build any insurance business function outside your complex core system using modern technologies
  • Use one of many available integration patterns to integrate with your existing legacy systems
Business Modelling

Business Modelling

For Insurance Analysts

Self design insurance business processes using our InsureMO BPM tools

  • Large inventory of pre-built insurance processess
  • Easy drag and drop design experience
  • Customise and adopt any process to your organizations needs
  • Achieve complex API orchestration through simple process modelling tasks
Connectivity & Distribution

Connectivity & Distribution

For Business Users

Connect hundreds of product variations to thousands of channels

  • Manage multiple versions of your products at the same time
  • Manage variations more effectively through separation between base technical product design and possible thousands of marketable variations
  • Manage all distribution needs including channels, commissions, product variations and agreements via Distribution Management Strategy
  • Through product analyser Identify inconsistencies and opportunities for artefacts reuse across products

How InsureMO works

Manage all Products, Partners, Services, and API's all in one place

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Product Configuration

For Business Users

  • Configure product from templates
  • Configure product from scratch
  • Publish product and API generation
  • Version management
APIs & Micro Services

APIs & Micro Services

For Developers

  • Modify product APIs
  • Create micro-services
  • Register APIs
  • Test APIs


For Business Users

  • Create Marketable Products
  • Create pricing plans
  • Configure agreements
  • Set commissions and payments




  • Create tenants
  • Manage tenant accounts
  • Publish APIs to tenants
Monitor, Trace ana analyse

Monitor, Trace, and Analyze

  • Services
  • API’s
  • Products
Dev Ops

Dev Ops

  • Deploy
  • Manage CI / CD
  • Automate testing and autoscaling

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