Why InsureMO

InsureMO is THE platform as a service (PaaS) for the global insurance industry and emerging FinTech / InsurTech startups.

Digital Product Library

Digital Insurance Product Catalog

For Business Users

Access our standard, curated, ready-to-run products

Market Ready Products
  • Standard products from market experience
  • Curated selection and popular variations
  • Proven products and variations you'll love
Well Maintained
  • Get regular updates to subscribed products
  • Updates for regulatory changes
  • Updated variations when the market shifts
Launch Fast
  • Common features and variations already implemented
  • Add your own customisations for your business
  • Well tested, launch with confidence
Microservice Creation & Versioning

Digital Insurance Product Templates

For Insurance Analysts

Access hundreds of easily customizable product templates

Get a Head Start
  • Templates provide the skeleton of the product
  • Many reuseable product features get you started
  • Customize and complete the product to your needs
Large Product Variety
  • Many templates for less common products
  • Good for discovering specialized products
  • Visit the Product Catalog for market ready products
Business Modelling

Insurance Services

For Developers

Access APIs for any insurance service you require

  • Large inventory of pre-built insurance processess
  • Customise and adopt any process to your organizations needs
  • Achieve complex API orchestration
Connectivity & Distribution

Our Product Model

For Insurance Analysts

Define any product in any domain

Any Domain

Whether you are building a product for General, Life or Health, you can define it with our model.

Any Line of Business

In every supported domain, we've built products in all of the common lines and our model is extensible enough to handle anything that we haven't seen.

Any Policy Type

Support for Standard, Packaged, Monoline, Group, Fleet and much more...

How InsureMO works

Manage all Products, Partners, Services, and API's all in one place

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Product Configuration

For Business Users

  • Configure product from templates
  • Configure product from scratch
  • Publish product and API generation
  • Version management

APIs & Micro Services

For Developers

  • Modify product APIs
  • Create micro-services
  • Register APIs
  • Test APIs


For Business Users

  • Create Marketable Products
  • Create pricing plans
  • Configure agreements
  • Set commissions and payments




  • Create tenants
  • Manage tenant accounts
  • Publish APIs to tenants
Monitor, Trace ana analyse

Monitor, Trace, and Analyze

  • Services
  • API’s
  • Products
Dev Ops

Dev Ops

  • Deploy
  • Manage CI / CD
  • Automate testing and autoscaling

InsureMO Quick Start

Get up to speed quickly with InsureMO

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